Absolute Valor – Southern Justice Trilogy Volume 3 Autographed Copy


Absolute Valor
The third installment in the Southern Justice Trilogy.

Chase Morgan said goodbye to the Marines, believing by removing his uniform, the hero persona would go with it. But when he meets the girl who shows him how the hero lives in the heart of the man and not in the clothes he wears. Will he be able to ignore the demons of his past, which plague him with reminders of cruel intentions? Or can he let true love move in and take residence in his heart.
Audrey Helms describes herself as a bad country song, complete with a boyfriend who treats her badly and more baggage than a Kardashian. Can this timid southern girl be the one to mend the bonds of brotherhood? Or will the sins of her past be too big to forgive? Will Audrey and Chase learn the meaning of true love, and how to live with no regrets and absolute valor?
Buy the third installment of Cayce Poponea's Southern Justice trilogy today.

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